Type of Frames

Explore our framing options

Our picture frames come in many different styles, colors and profiles. The most popular choice being a flat black wooden frame, which tends to work with any artwork. Our styles include modern, contemporary and traditional classic frames in a range of different colors, materials and shapes.

Frame Materials
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • PVC
Frame Shapes
  • Flat
  • Box
  • Floating

Framing Styles

Single Mount

A traditional way to present paintings and artworks with a mount card using our range of frames in various colors and formats.

Floating L Shape

Also know as shadow gap framing, using an L-shaped frame to create the impression of a levitating picture.

Box Frame

Box Framing adds a gallery character to paintings by placing them in an extra deep frame.

Box Floating Frame

To create an impression of an image floating within a frame and to avoid any backgrounds, a box floating frame concept is used.

Box Raised Mount

A box raised mount framing lifts your image away from the rear of the frame while keeping plenty of space between the image and glass.

Double Glass Floating

Placing an artwork between 2 pieces of glass and with a variety of bespoke framing options.

Double Mount with Liner

Adding a liner to a double glass mount, bordered with a frame.

Acrylic Sandwich

Placing an artwork between two pieces of clear acrylic.

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